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Airbit Club Leaders Asked to be Investigated

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In Mexico, they are calling for an investigation of Airbit Club leaders for alleged fraud. This was reported by the website Crónica, in an article signed by Rafael Martínez, which is based on an initiative published in Change.org

The petition, launched on Change.org, stated: „We demand an investigation into the leaders of the Airbit Club, a company that has defrauded thousands of people around the world through alleged investments in Bitcoin Champion / Crypto Genius / Bitcoin Circuit / Bitcoin Revolution / Bitcoin Billionaire, leaving people without money, hijacking accounts, discounting amounts without authorization under alleged terms and conditions that constantly change at their convenience.

Then they added: „Recently protected in the crisis by Covid-19, they emptied the digital wallets of thousands of their members around the world. There have been complaints, but no one has done anything.

They also warned that Airbit Club continues to hold meetings through video conferences, where they try to recruit more people.

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As published on Change.org, more than 200 people have organized and continue to be affected through an instant messaging chat. From there they would also be promoting a collective complaint to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), in the United States.

„The group is made up of people from Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Italy and Brazil, among other countries,“ they said.

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