BNB Bulls Take Over: Price Rallies 20.5% in 4 Days!

• Binance Coin [BNB] has shown bullish momentum in the past few days, with a 20.5% gain over four days.
• The daily chart for BNB showed bullish structure, with support at $285-$292 and resistance at $309.
• The spot CVD has risen to new highs this month, indicating strong demand, but open interest is slightly declining.

Binance Coin Reacts Positively Over Last Few Days

Binance Coin [BNB] reacted extremely positively over the past two days of trading. The bullish euphoria over Bitcoin’s gains translated across the crypto-market and BNB gained by 20.5% within four days. A retracement before a sustained move higher up the charts remains possible too.

Daily Chart Indicates Bullish Momentum

On the daily timeframe, the market structure for Binance Coin seemed to be bullish once more. The recent lower high at $294 was beaten during the latest reversal, but the $309-mark has posed some resistance over the past 24 hours. A strong confluence of support at $292 could push prices higher soon enough.
The Volume Profile Visible Range showed that the price was right above the Point of Control, based on trading from 8 February. The POC was at $304.2, and Binance Coin seemed to be retesting it as support at the time of writing. Moreover, Fibonacci retracement levels supported buying near $276 while lower timeframes highlighted an area of interest between $285 and $292 as well. The RSI crossed over above 50 indicating bullish momentum had taken root while OBV suggested further gains were likely too .

Spot CVD Surges Past February Highs

Spot CVD surged past February highs in response to demand indicating long positions were once more dominant in the market – Signs of a possible flip in sentiment had begun to show up here too.. Open Interest saw a slight dip but this did not stop prices from appreciating which implied weakening bearish sentiment in some manner as well..

Summary & Outlook

Therefore longer-term buyers can wait for a retracement into the $285-$292 zone or risk-averse traders can wait for positive reaction over three days before looking to buy and trade with trend . Spot CVD surging past February highs indicated increased demand while RSI crossing above 50 implied bullish momentum had taken root . Open Interest might have dipped but this did not stop prices from appreciating – signifying weakening bearish sentiment too .

Compound Launches Version 3: Unlocking DeFi Benefits with Polygon Integration

• Compound Finance has revealed the deployment of its third version on the Polygon network.
• This development allows for Wrapped Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], as well as MATIC, to be used as collateral.
• However, it remains to be seen if this collaboration will result in a recovery of Compound’s Total Value Locked (TVL).

Compound Finance and Polygon Integration

The DeFi lending protocol Compound Finance recently announced that they were deploying their third version on the Polygon network. This new version allows users to use Wrapped Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], as well as MATIC, as collateral when borrowing USDC. It is yet to be seen if this collaboration will lead to a recovery in Compound’s Total Value Locked (TVL).

Impact of Polygon Integration

Polygon has had significant growth in recent months across several areas, so it is not surprise that the Compound community was elated by the update. The question remains whether or not this integration will positively impact Compound’s TVL. Currently, the TVL has dropped by 4.25% in the last 30 days alone, leaving it at one of its lowest points since 2022. The increased public interest in Polygon might play a part in triggering more unique deposits into protocols under Compound Finance, which could lead to an increase in TVL. Additionally, active addresses for COMP are much lower than those for MATIC, indicating there is potential for more interaction between them due to this integration.

Limitations with COMPs

Despite these potential benefits from integrating with Polygon, there are still limitations with holding COMPs that could potentially limit how much of an effect it has on TVLs. For example, holders have reduced their asset holdings significantly since January 2021 due to various factors such as changes in market sentiment and other external pressures like taxes or fees imposed by exchanges or governments.

Compounding Profits Calculator

In order for users to get a better idea of how their portfolio may fair due to this collaboration between Compound and Polygon, users can make use of the “Compounding Profits Calculator” available on DeFi Llama’s website which provides analysis regarding various aspects such as current market value and estimated profits over time resulting from investments made via Compound Finance Protocols.


It remains uncertain if the collaboration between Compound Finance and Polygon will have positive effects on its TVL at this time but there are certain indicators that point towards potential success such as increased public interest in Polyton and higher active addresses compared to MATIC when using COMPs which suggest potential higher interactions between them due to this integration

ENS Network Sees Decline in New Users, Traders Turn Pessimistic

• New data suggested a decline in monthly registrations on the ENS network
• Traders turn pessimistic as on-chain metrics had a cynical outlook
• Despite whale interest, ENS token activity was falling

ENS Network Sees Decline in Monthly Registrations

New data has suggested a decline in monthly registrations on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) network. This decline has caused traders to become pessimistic as on-chain metrics have taken an increasingly cynical outlook.

Analysis of On-Chain Metrics

Based on data provided by Dune Analytics, despite the high number of users on the ENS protocol, the overall activity of these users wasn’t very high – with approximately 80% of users having just one ENS domain name registered under their name. This could pose threats for the future performance of the protocol itself.

Since November 2022, there has been a drastic decrease in new addresses registered onto the network from 38,134 to 19,366 over this period. In addition to this, Santiment’s data also showed that overall activity for ENS tokens had declined significantly over time – with daily active addresses transferring ENS decreasing and velocity also declining at an alarming rate.

Whale Interest Remains High

Despite these negative trends in activity levels, whales continue to demonstrate an interest in ENS tokens – indicated by increasing percentages of large addresses accumulating them. At press time, prices for ENS tokens have increased from $13.69 to $15.80 in the last week alone due to whale support – however it is still unclear how long this trend will remain if whales decide to pull out their positions at any point soon.

Traders Turn Pessimistic

The overall sentiment surrounding prices for ENS tokens appears to be turning increasingly bearish as more short positions are being opened up by traders according to Coinglass‘ data which currently stands at 52.78%. However MVRV ratio isn’t particularly high so it remains uncertain whether or not traders will end up profitable even if they sell at current prices or not yet..


In conclusion, it appears that while whale interest remains high for now and prices have seen a recent surge; there is still some uncertainty surrounding future performance of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token if whales choose to pull out positions soon or activity levels fail to increase substantially anytime soon.

Hong Kong Crypto Hub Gets Beijing’s Approval: Reports

• Mainland China is reportedly onboard with Hong Kong’s recent push to embrace crypto.
• Representatives from the mainland have been attending crypto gatherings in the city and making follow-up calls.
• Beijing is said to be using Hong Kong as a testing ground for digital assets while keeping a tight rein on such activity on the mainland.

China Onboard with Hong Kong’s Crypto Push

Mainland China is reportedly onboard with Hong Kong’s recent push to embrace crypto. Representatives from mainland China are closely following and reporting on the crypto developments in the island city, indicating that Beijing is seemingly supportive of the move. This has helped to encourage mainland Chinese firms to return to the city.

Liaison Office Attending Crypto Gatherings

Local crypto operators have revealed that representatives from China’s Liaison Office, along with other officials, have attended Hong Kong’s crypto gatherings in the past few months. The meetings have been friendly, with officials checking on developments, asking for reports, and in some cases, making follow-up calls. This presence indicates that Chinese officials are interested in using the city as a testing ground for digital assets while keeping a tight rein on such activity on the mainland. People familiar with the matter revealed that mainland representatives in Hong Kong are reporting their findings back to their superiors in mainland China, although it remains unclear what this information will be used for.

SFC Consultation Process

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has initiated a consultation process to allow Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to apply for licenses to offer trading services for retail investors. The regulator has set requirements for VASPs seeking licenses, including due diligence processes prior to token listing and risk profiles for clients among others limitations regarding exposure levels.. It is uncertain when this process will conclude but it appears that there is support from Beijing that may help expedite its completion date.

One Country Two Systems

According National People’s Congress member and crypto lawyer Nick Chan stated: „As long as one doesn’t violate the bottom-line, which threatens financial stability in China, Hong Kong is free explore its own pursuits under ‚One Country Two Systems‘.“ This suggests that Beijing is willing to let certain activities take place without hindrance from government regulations if no laws are broken – leaving room open for further development within cryptocurrency sector of this island city .


Overall it appears that there is an unspoken approval by Beijing of Hong Kong’s efforts towards becoming a leading hub for cryptocurrencies despite remaining cautious about its implications domestically due do closer oversight of activities taking place within their borders .

Lido Finance Retains Top Spot with $7.92B TVL: Staking APR on Decline

• Lido Finance (Lido) remains the leading DeFi project with the highest Total Value Locked (TVL) of $7.92 billion.
• Its share of the ETH staking market is 29.36%, however its APR has been steadily declining since May 2022, currently at 4.79%.
• The Ethereum network’s Shanghai Upgrade and demand for stETH, a tokenized version of staked Ether native to Lido, has contributed to an increase in its TVL and revenue growth on the network.

Lido Finance Leads DeFi Market

Lido Finance (Lido) remains the number one decentralized finance (DeFi) project with a total value locked (TVL) of $7.92 billion, representing 16.77% of all crypto assets locked on DeFi protocols which is worth $47.2 billion in total. This places Lido firmly at the top spot, overtaking MakerDAO which has a TVL of $7.09 billion as of press time.

ETH Staking Market Share

According to data from Dune Analytics, Lido’s market share in terms of ETH staking was 29.36%. This figure has been oscillating between 29.25% and 29.37% so far this year, showing consistency in its position as the most sought after platform for ETH stakers.

Declining Annual Percentage Rate

The annual percentage rate (APR) offered by Lido for ETH stakers has been steadily declining since reaching an all-time high of 10.21% on 14 November 2022; it is currently 4.79%. Despite this decrease in APR, demand for LDO’s tokenized version of Staked Ether (stETH), continues to increase; this further solidifies its position as the project with largest TVL among other DeFi projects.

Confirmation Of March Date For Shanghai Upgrade

The confirmation that March will be when Ethereum undergoes its Shanghai Upgrade could also be a factor contributing to increased assets locked on Lido’s platform and potentially higher demand for stETH tokens; this would lead to greater revenue generation on their network according to Token Terminal data analysis report published recently in December 2021 by blockchain analytics platform Nansen .


In conclusion, despite declining APR rates being offered by Lido for ETH stakers; overall it still remains highly sought after due to potential yield-generating services and increased demand for its native token – Staked Ether (stETH). Additionally, Ethereum undergoing Shanghai Upgrade could also play a role in increasing assets locked on their platform and thus creating more revenue generating opportunities through their services – thus solidifying it’s place as one if not the main leader within DeFi space regarding TVL values amongst other metrics

Unlock of $130M in SAND Tokens Kicks Off Bull Run: Prices Rise 2%

The Sandbox Commenced Token Unlock:
• The Sandbox executed a massive unlock rollout, releasing a total of 170 million SAND tokens worth $130 million.
• 78 million SAND tokens, worth $60 million, were directly transferred to the Binance deposit address.
• Market reacted with a 2% price increase in the past 24 hours and trading volume was up by 13%.

The Sandbox Commenced Token Unlock

The Sandbox commenced a token unlock process of 170 million SAND tokens. Out of the total amount released, 78 million SAND tokens worth $60 million were directly transferred to the Binance deposit address. In response to this Unlock event, the market has seen an increase in price and trading volume in the last 24 hours.

Market Reacts to The Unlock Event

At press time, SAND exchanged hands at $0.7688 per data from CoinMarketCap. In the last 24 hours, the price of metaverse-based token rose by 2%. Trading volume was also up by 13% during that period. This rally was attributed to Bitcoin’s 1% jump within the same period as seen on The Sandbox’s 12-hour chart which showed sideways movement in price.

Price Momentum Indicators

Key momentum indicators for SAND remained flat at press time; its Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Money Flow Index (MFI) rested at 56.36 and 54.36 respectively. Additionally, as traders awaited decisive price movement, buyers‘ hold on the market weakened as revealed by Directional Movement Index (DMI) position where Positive Directional Indicator (green) was in a downtrend at 26 and Average Direction Index (yellow), also in a downtrend at 20.7

SAND Profit Calculator

In order to monitor their portfolio performance amidst current market conditions surrounding The Sandbox’s token unlock event, investors can use the new SAND Profit Calculator available online which provides users with real-time analysis of their investments based on current market prices and other relevant data points such as fees charged by exchanges or custodial services providers etcetera.


The unlocking of 170m SAND tokens marks an important milestone for The Sandbox community as it now makes these unlocked tokens accessible for trading purposes on various cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance amongst others through direct transfers from multi-signature addresses held by Genesis holders, Multisig holders and Advisors Vault holders respectively.. With key momentum indicators remaining flat along with weakening buyers‘ hold on the market could signal potential volatility ahead for those investing in or holding onto their positions in this altcoin asset class

Aptos Price Soars 40% After Event in NYC, On-Chain Metrics Show Bullish Trend

• Aptos recently concluded an event in New York City in partnership with KYD Labs
• The on-chain metrics supported a massive price hike, but the indicators were bearish
• According to CoinMarketCap, APT’s price increased by nearly 40% in the last seven days

Aptos, the popular cryptocurrency, recently concluded an event in New York City in partnership with KYD Labs. The collaboration was focused on creating the future of fan loyalty through live event ticketing. The event was a huge success and proved to be a major milestone for Aptos.

The on-chain metrics that followed the event showed that there was a significant price hike in the Aptos token. According to CoinMarketCap, APT’s price increased by nearly 40% in the last seven days, and at the time of writing, it was trading at $17.63 with a market capitalization of more than $2.8 billion. This was a huge achievement for Aptos, as it is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the industry.

However, despite the massive price hike, the indicators were bearish. LunarCrush’s data suggested that the pump might not last long. Aptos was on the list of the cryptos with the highest Galaxy Score, which is a massive bullish indicator. This indicates that the good days for Aptos are far from over.

The on-chain metrics also showed that the investment in Aptos was a good decision. Aptos was able to increase its price significantly in a short period of time and this is a testament to the power of Aptos. Investors who invested in Aptos at the time of the event have reaped the rewards and many more are sure to follow.

Overall, the event in partnership with KYD Labs was a huge success and it has helped to solidify Aptos’s standing in the cryptocurrency industry. The on-chain metrics suggest that the investment in Aptos is a good decision and that the good days are far from over. With the continued support of the community and the developers, Aptos is sure to continue its rise in the coming days.

Litecoin [LTC]: Is It a Better Option for This Bull Run?

• Litecoin [LTC] highlighted five traits that made it attractive and set it apart from its contemporaries.
• Despite the competitive nature between Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin, both cryptocurrencies have co-existed in the same market and one does not pose a threat to the other.
• Litecoin has delivered an impressive rally, but is it really a better option for this bull run?

Litecoin [LTC] is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining traction in recent months as it continues to show potential for further growth. This digital asset is well known for its ability to provide a faster and more efficient transaction process when compared to its contemporaries. To further promote the coin, Litecoin recently released a tweet that listed five traits that make it attractive and set it apart from its competitors.

One of the most appealing features of Litecoin is that it was the fairest coin launch ever. Unlike other digital assets, the launch of Litecoin was not a pre-mined ICO that gave select individuals an unfair advantage. Furthermore, the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, is still actively involved in the coin’s development and promotion.

Another trait of Litecoin that is worth mentioning is that it now has over 141 million transactions. This is an impressive figure, especially when considering that the coin has only been around for a few years. Furthermore, Litecoin can now be used almost anywhere as it has been accepted by a variety of retailers and merchants. Finally, Litecoin is four times faster than Bitcoin when it comes to transaction speed. This is an important feature of the coin as it allows users to quickly and easily transfer funds without waiting for long confirmation times.

These features have helped Litecoin to deliver an impressive rally in recent months, with the coin up by roughly 51% from its lowest 12-month level in June 2022. Despite its positive performance, investors are still asking the question whether Litecoin is really the better option for this bull run.

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one would think. While Litecoin has provided some impressive features, it is important to remember that it is not the only digital asset that is on the market. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets have been around for much longer and there is no denying that they have a strong presence in the cryptocurrency market.

At the end of the day, it is up to the individual investor to decide which digital asset is the best for their particular situation. Litecoin has a lot to offer, but it is important to remember that it is not the only coin on the market. With that being said, it is certainly worth considering as a viable option for those looking to invest in a digital asset that has potential for further growth.

BNB Chain Sees Surge in Activity Despite Decline in Popular dApps

• BNB Chain’s weekly active users were 2.6 million.
• Popular dApps saw a decline in activity, impacting BNB negatively and adding to the selling pressure.
• BNB performed well in terms of daily active users and total number of transactions in the past week.

The Binance blockchain, home to the native token BNB, has seen a surge in activity over the past week. According to BNB Chain’s latest tweet, the weekly active users were 2.60 million and the average daily transactions on the BNB chain hit the 2.51 million mark. This high activity has been beneficial for other protocols deployed on the Binance blockchain as well, such as Radiant Capital’s decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, which saw a jump in the number of daily active users after deploying Radiant V2.

However, not all metrics related to the Binance blockchain have been positive. Popular decentralized applications (dApps) such as PancakeSwap, 1inch Network, and ApeSwap all saw a decline in activity. PancakeSwap saw a decrease of 21.21% in terms of daily active wallets, while 1inch Network and ApeSwap witnessed a dip of 28.97% and 15.32%, respectively. PancakeSwap’s volume also declined by 38.18% over the last month, falling from $4.13 billion to $2.59 billion. This has had a direct impact on the number of transactions on the dApp, which fell by 18.87% over the same period.

The decline in activity has also impacted the total value locked (TVL) for BNB, which has dropped from $5.02 billion to $4.76 billion over the last two months, as reported by DeFiLama. All these factors have had a negative effect on the BNB token as well, adding to the selling pressure and making it difficult for short-term holders to make a profit.

Despite these challenges, BNB has seen some positive developments as well. For instance, the chain saw a surge in daily active users in the past week, which indicates that the Binance blockchain continues to gain traction among users. Moreover, the total number of transactions on the chain also increased, indicating that users are actively engaging with the various protocols and dApps deployed on the chain.

In conclusion, Binance’s native token BNB has been negatively impacted by a decline in activity on popular dApps on the chain. However, the chain has also seen positive developments in terms of daily active users and total number of transactions, which suggests that the Binance blockchain remains a popular platform for users.

Avalanche’s 2023 Plans: Launch of App, Amazon Partnership, and More!

• Avalanche announced the launch of a new Avalanche app that would facilitate easy connectivity with Ledger devices.
• Avalanche recently partnered with Amazon to roll out solutions that support enterprise and government customers.
• The adoption of DeFi is likely to increase due to Avalanche’s novel approach in making the process easier for retail users.

The crypto market is on a steady rise as it continues to recover from the pandemic. Amidst this surge, Avalanche [AVAX] has made a major announcement regarding its 2023 plans. On 13 January, the blockchain platform unveiled its latest achievement; the launch of the Avalanche app. With this app, users will be able to easily connect with Ledger devices. This is a major step forward in terms of facilitating the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) as it simplifies the process for retail users.

Avalanche’s announcement comes just two days after the blockchain platform announced its partnership with Amazon. Through this collaboration, AWS will now support Avalanche’s infrastructure and dApp ecosystem. This includes the introduction of one-click node deployment which is designed to provide scalability to enterprise and government customers.

These two developments are great news for Avalanche as they demonstrate the platform’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition. Not only is Avalanche investing in new technology, but it is also introducing solutions to make the process easier for retail users. This is likely to increase the adoption of DeFi as more people will be able to access it.

In addition to these two announcements, Avalanche has already released a few more plans for its 2023 roadmap. These include the launch of a new smart contract language and a decentralized exchange, as well as the introduction of a new platform for developers. All of these developments are expected to help Avalanche secure its place as one of the top blockchains in the crypto market.

The combination of these developments, along with the crypto market’s recovery, have led to a major rally for AVAX. This is the biggest rally the coin has seen in the past five months, demonstrating the public’s confidence in Avalanche’s plans and its potential for future success.

Overall, Avalanche [AVAX] is in a great position to capitalize on the crypto market’s recovery in 2023. With its latest announcements and plans, the blockchain platform is well on its way to securing a bigger piece of the DeFi pie. As more people become aware of the benefits of DeFi, Avalanche is likely to become even more popular.